Don’t Touch That Dial!

So a lot of dads have been coming to us lately saying “Hey DOD, just how in the heck do I keep my kids and silly wife from touching MY thermostat?!?” Well, you’re in luck dads! Lucky Dads! Because today we’re going to address just that.
Anytime someone has a BRAIN FART and decides to change your pristine envirocool, it’s time to hit em where it hurts. Right in the ego. Just make a few sharp smart comments like “whoa easy there sport, trying to freeze the family and waste all of dads hard earned cashola???? Or say it’s winter and your wife decides it’s time to raise the temperature (not in the bedroom).
Just catch her in passing and gently whisper **Whoa babe, wish you’d heat things up like that (in the bedroom)**
She’ll get the picture and you’ll look like a million bucks.
Thank me later.

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