Dadding Hard

What’s up all you Dadder McDaddersons?!? This topic is gonna come at you hard and fast! Do you ever catch yourself dadding below your ability? AKA Soft Dadding??

It’s time to stop! Check your dadstats and reset. Blow out that cartridge and use our game genie dad codes.

Dadding Dads like us Dad HARD 24/7 every waking minute we are awake. What is dadding hard you ask?

– Always first to rise

– Always most wise

– Tying everyone’s ties

– Breaking all the dumb ties

– Finding foreign spies

– Pointing out the blue skies

– Complimenting wives tender thighs

– Cold ones w the guys

– Cloning Bill Nyes

– Training Tri’s and Bi’s

– Ordering a round of Chais

– Stocking double plys

– Debunking alibis

– Eating blueberry pies

– Winning first prize (in the contest of pies)

– Finding best buys – Seeing through the weak lies

– Eating Hawks Box with extra Fries

– Watching the lake as it dries

– Listening to the bald eagle as it cries


Thanks Dads.

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